Risk Management

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Risks exist in ALL work activities and it is important we manage them proactively through performing risk assessments (RA) before we start any work activities. A RA is a LEGAL document in Singapore and it is REQUIRED for work activities with any foreseeable risks. RAs are also usually complemented by Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) or Safe Work Procedures (SWPs).

One example of RA is shown in the figure below:

You can also view the example here.

At NTU, RAs are conducted ONLINE using the Workplace Risk Assessment System (WRAS) which is a system designed to help you complete your RA (unless otherwise exempted). A RA is valid for 3 years after which, it must be reviewed and approved again.

However, if any of these occurs, the RA must be reviewed and approved again:

• Change in work flow / process (including scaling up of experiments)
• Accidents / incidents / near-misses
• Change of Person-in-Charge (PIC) / Approver
Things NOT to do in a RA:

• Having a generic RA (e.g. waste disposal, use of acids)

• Incomplete RA (e.g. missing several steps of the work process, referring to other RA)

• Having control measures that are not reasonably practical.

The following flowchart explains the steps involving in managing risks at the workplace. The whole process is known as Risk Management (part of which are the Risk Assessment process). Please click here if you need further information on how each step is performed. You may also click on each step via the menu links on the right.



The following compulsory courses are available via NTULearn :

• Risk Management: Introduction
• Risk Management: Legal Requirements
• Risk Management: Doing Risk Assessment
• Risk Management: Risk Control Measures

In addition, the Office of Health and Safety (OHS) conducts in-house training for Risk Management. Please register via the Safety Training Management System (available via iNTU=>Learning and Development=>Safety Training Management System).

If you have any further enquires on Risk Management , please contact  Alistair Ting at alistairting@ntu.edu.sg or 6794 3545.

Sample RAs are available in Downloads (login needed) for your reference.