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26 Feb 2018
Friction plays a central role in determining how ruptures propagate along faults in the earth’s crust and release waves that cause destructive shaking threatening our infrastructure and endangering our lives...
27 Feb 2018
Soil nutrients influence forest communities and ecosystem processes. My research examines how soil nutrients affect community assembly and carbon dynamics using a two-tiered approach: 1) natural soil nutrient gradients and...
28 Feb 2018
Tropical forests are among the most biologically diverse and productive ecosystems in the world. Surprisingly, the tropical soils that support these lush forests are often very low in the nutrients...
08 Mar 2018
In Kashmir, the Himalayan Frontal thrust is blind, characterized by a broad fold, the Suruin-Mastgarh anticline, and displays no emergent faults cutting either limb. Vector fold restoration of fluvial terrace...

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